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Take a Trip to Squid River

Squid fishing FLOATER Amazing footage of Squid in Pre-Spawn Behavior – by Antonio Villasenor

From the author:

This was filmed Summer 2010 1 mile off La Jolla,CA. I was commercial fishing Live Squid aboard a light boat operating out of San Diego,CA. We were the only squid boat in the area and found this massive school of squid just outside the kelp beds. The squid were nesting in 80 ft of water in a sandy bottom area. A spot know by the local fisherman as the 3/4. We immediately “lit up” the ocean under our boat with 20 football sized light bulbs and the Squid Rushed our boat in amazing numbers. From what was under our boat on our meter it was easily 50 tons of squid under us. At this point we would call in our seiner and he would wrap us and all the squid to be served up at restaurants as calamari appetizer’s. Our seiner came the next night and we never saw the same volume of squid we missed out.