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Mount Etna Volcano, Sicily

Etna New Paroxysm! 21 may 2016 at dawn – Nuovo parossismo, alba 21 maggio 2016 New powerful paroxysm at Voragine Crater of Mount Etna Volcano, Sicily. In the night, lava fountains and explosions from the Voragine Crater, in a astonishing scenario, with the fresh snow fallen yesterday on the Volcano. Full HD Video by Turi […]

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Heaven and Hell: Mount Etna Erupts

Heaven and Hell: Mount Etna Erupts An angry Mount Etna scorches the skies over Sicily with a tremendous eruption. Taken on December 3 by Sicilian photographer Marco Restivo, 29, these incredible pictures show Europe’s tallest active volcano spitting fire and sending plumes of smoke into the air. This is the first eruption to reach the […]