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New Tycho Brahe Poison Controversy

There is a new controversy surrounding Danish astronomer and alchemist Tycho Brahe. New evidence shows that he may not have been poisoned.

Source: TIME
By Terri Pous

For 300 years, the death of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe death was the stuff of tragicomic legend. Seated at a Prague banquet table in 1601, he consumed copious amounts of alcohol and soon badly needed to visit the restroom. But contemporary etiquette frowned upon doing so, and so Brahe remained seated for several hours, growing increasingly uncomfortable. For days afterward, he was in severe pain and had difficulty urinating. He died eleven days after the fateful dinner at the age of 54, ostensibly from both the uremia caused by his burst bladder and a fatal case of politeness. – Read the full article

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