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LeVar Takes a Ride in a Driverless Car on Reading Rainbow

LeVar Takes a Ride in a Driverless Car| Reading Rainbow uTech| 06.03.15

Explore the amazing technology that surrounds our everyday lives, in this exciting new original series called uTech, presented by Reading Rainbow and YouTube. In this episode, join host LeVar Burton as he takes a look at some of the places you may have not realized we encounter technology (from the moment we wake up to an alarm clock, until we go to bed at night and brush our teeth).

We love cars and we NEED cars! Technology companies are about to release self-driving vehicles…YEP that’s right, you read that correctly…SELF- DRIVING VEHICLES! It is reported that 93% of current car accidents are caused by human error…how do we fix this? Go with Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton all the way to Israel, and take a sneak peak behind the scenes look with what the future holds for the driverless car! Explore all of the innovative technologies that make a car capable of being driverless…cameras, mobilized systems and autopilot control…but you don’t have to take our word for it, check it out today!