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Drone Footage of Fireworks Over Lima, Peru

Fireworks Over Lima, Peru

Flew my drone over the new years eve fireworks in Lima, Peru. Looks like the start of the air campaign in Iraq.

I re-did my fireworks over Lima video. Someone on reddit commented that it was missing music so here is what I did:

At around midnight I flew the drone over all the fireworks at an altitude of around 200m. I wanted to fly lower but I could just picture someone getting lucky with a direct bottle rocket hit to the drone so I stayed up high. All the footage was taken in 1080HD. I tried to keep the drone moving to make for more interesting shots. I tried to use multiple camera moves when I could to make it better. For example translating the drone to the right while panning to the left etc.

After I had all the footage I imported all the best parts to iMovie. Then I simply split the clips into a bunch of different parts and randomly rearranged them with a cross fade between each one.
The music is Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. I also dowloaded the fireworks sound effects from iTunes and added it.

When I uploaded the final video to Youtube it detected the fireworks sound and automatically filed a filed a copyright claim on behalf the company that made them. Now all advertisement revenue shown on the video will go directly to them. Interesting.