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Cavers Discover Treasure from Alexander the Great Era

Treasure from era of Alexander the Great found in Israel – by Teejazor A14

Israel’s cave of wonders: Silver coins and treasure dating back 2,300 years to Alexander the Great discovered Three members of the Israeli Caving Club found a pouch filled with silver The coins, bracelets and rings were hidden in a narrow niche in the cave The coins date back to when Alexander the Great ruled 2,300 years ago Archaeologists believe they were hidden by refugees for safe keeping during war that erupted following death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC Gemstones, oil lamps and pottery were also found among the stalactites Some of the artifacts found in the cave are thought to be 6,000 years old It comes just a month after divers found 2,000 gold coins off Israeli coast. – By Richard Gray for MailOnline