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Canada’s Majestic Glacier Skywalk: 12 Photos

The Glacier Skywalk
There are hundreds of beautiful sights to be seen throughout the world and each is unique in their own way. With the constant improvements with modern day technology and architecture, more and more countries are developing memorable attractions to help draw in tourists and visitors. One of the most astounding spots to visit is the Glacier Skywalk in Alberta, Canada. If you are currently planning a vacation and you are looking for a great way to expand your horizons, this attraction will most certainly not disappoint.

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Overall Construction
The Glacier Skywalk sticks out 35 meters from the side of a cliff on the Ice fields Parkway in Jasper National Park. The Skywalk is constructed out of a glass-floor observatory that is 280 meters high and overlooks the Sunwapta Canyon. This attraction is perfect for those who are daring and interested in exhilarating experiences that they will remember for many years to come. The Glacier Skywalk was officially opened for business (and to tourists) May 1st and it took 5 years to construct.

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An Educational Experience
Instead of being a traditional tourist attraction that saves all of the jaw-dropping adventure for the Skywalk itself, the walkway provides individuals with the opportunity to gather an educational experience. With that being said, the Glacier Skywalk is a great place for school trips or to take your children to learn more about biology, ecology, and glaciology. In order to get to the Glacier Skywalk you must take a 400 meter trail titled the Discovery Trail that is comprised of interactive experiences to help teach children and adults about Canada’s ice fields.

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Dining and Shopping
Alongside an educational experience and the jaw-dropping views associated with the Glacier Skywalk, you can also dine and shop while overlooking the Athabasca Glacier. Whether you are looking for a cafeteria meal (perfect for large groups) or if you want a more personalized dining experience, the option is completely up to you. Alongside the Columbia Icefield Restaurant, you can go through the Columbia Icefield Curio Shop to find souvenirs to remember your trip by. With the opportunity to purchase postcards, clothing, and different trinkets, there is undoubtedly something for everyone.
The world is comprised of the most beautiful locations, many of which in Canada. With the opportunity to visit the Glacier Skywalk, you will have a memorable experience that will take your breath away simply by gazing at the beautiful view.

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Glacier Skywalk