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14 Photos of the Sacred Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The Birthplace of Buddhism in Bhutan: Taktsang Palphug Monastery Bhutan is a very small country near Tibet, India, and China. This very small country is filled with ancient wonders. One of them is the sacred Buddhist spot of Taktsang Palphug Monastery. Locals may call this spot Paro Taktsang. Or, you may hear the name translated […]

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Canada’s Majestic Glacier Skywalk: 12 Photos

The Glacier Skywalk There are hundreds of beautiful sights to be seen throughout the world and each is unique in their own way. With the constant improvements with modern day technology and architecture, more and more countries are developing memorable attractions to help draw in tourists and visitors. One of the most astounding spots to […]


The Amazing Aluminum Cabin in Vestfold, Norway

The Amazing Aluminum Cabin in Vestfold, Norway The Aluminum Cabin is situated in Vesfold, Norway, and is a 90 square meters in size. The site was originally occupied by a cabin made from wood, which had become old and beyond use, and was replaced by the aluminum structure. Aluminum is a material that is resistant […]

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16 Photos of The Future of Automobiles: Tesla Motors

Tesla: The Death of the Internal Combustion Engine? It has been some time since any updates have emerged from Tesla regarding the Model S. However, that silence has been well and truly shattered by the news that the Tesla Model S will now come with the option to add all wheel drive. This announcement is […]

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11 Photos of the Fascinating Koala

11 Photos of the Fascinating Creature Known as the Koala Koalas are extremely fascinating animals that are adored by various people throughout the world. There are many interesting facts pertaining to Koalas and how they received their names, how they live their everyday lives, and what they eat to sustain life. Whether you are generally […]