The Amazing Aluminum Cabin in Vestfold, Norway

The Amazing Aluminum Cabin in Vestfold, Norway

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The Aluminum Cabin is situated in Vesfold, Norway, and is a 90 square meters in size. The site was originally occupied by a cabin made from wood, which had become old and beyond use, and was replaced by the aluminum structure. Aluminum is a material that is resistant to corrosion, making it the ideal material for a cabin that is so close to the salt water of the nearby sea.

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The cabin was built in between two of the rocks that sit on the coastline, allowing the cabin to nestle neatly within the landscape, rather than being positioned prominently above it. In addition to which, the rocks offer the cabin a natural camouflage and shade, something that helps to lessen the effects of the sun reflecting off the aluminum construction.

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The cabin has been designed to use the roof ridge as the main divider between the private areas of the cabin, the bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms from the reception and living areas. The cabin is also fitted with a number of large windows, and a sliding glass door that opens on to a small and covered deck area that commands spectacular views of the ocean, and the natural beauty of the coastline.
In all, there are a total of 3 decked areas, the second of which is situated just outside of the dining room, which consists of a removable canopy that offers a great place to seek shade or enjoy the sunshine. In addition to which, there is a walkway that connects the deck to the shoreline. The third and final deck area is situated near to the entrance of the aluminum cabin.


boat view off water aluminum cabin norway

The Interior
The living areas are decked out with traditional Scandinavian materials such as pale woods and minimalist furnishings, and the main living area features a hanging fireplace, which features a spherical shaped stove with a glass hearth.
Due to the compact size of the cabin, the main door leads directly in to the living areas, so there is no foyer or vestibule common in most homes.
Heating the cabin relies on firewood which is stored away from the cabin, due to the fact that piles of firewood are the perfect hiding spot for small animals.

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Despite being situated in such a remote location, there are neighboring properties close by, although they are situated so that there are no sight lines with each property, for extra privacy.