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8 Pictures of Artwork by Illustrator Llew Mejia

A short bio about the artist from his website:

Llew Mejia is a stylistic illustrator skilled in hand-drawn illustration, pattern/print, packaging, branding, and computer generated illustration.

His interests include travel, textiles, fashion, folk art, wallpaper, and all types of candy.

In his younger years, his family traveled back and forth between Mexico and the Southwestern United States. As a result he is bilingual and has a unique perspective on American as well as Mexican culture.

Llew enjoys long walks on the beach as well as, working on patterns for print, lettering, painting, buying random taxidermy and perusing through old occult books.

Select clients include: Blood Is the New Black, Element Skateboards, Colette, WRAP Magazine, ADIDAS, OAK NYC, Reebok, Afends, Patagonia , ANTHROPOLOGIE, Time Out NY, Target , Gestalten, and Chipotle Mexican Grill, just to name a few.

Llew currently resides in Minneapolis, where he is currently working as a textile designer/illustrator , and he is a proud father of a Cornish Rex named Maybe.

View more of Llew Mejia’s work at his official website:

Llew Mejia-artist-001

Llew Mejia-artist-002

Llew Mejia-artist-003

Llew Mejia-artist-004

Llew Mejia-artist-005

Llew Meji-illustrator-001

Llew Meji-illustrator-002

Llew Meji-illustrator-003