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8 Photos of Artwork by Illustrator Cristobal Ojeda aka New Fren

Cristobal Ojeda aka NEWFREN is a full-time freelance Illustrator and Designer from Chile. Here are a few examples of his unique style of artwork.

You can contact Cristobal Ojeda (Newfren) for more information here: [email protected]

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-004

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-008

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-1001

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-1003

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-1005

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-1007

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-1009

Cristobal Ojeda-newfren-illustrator-3001