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8 Awesome Photos by Industrial Designer Eduard Gray

Gray Design is an award winning international design studio with a focus on innovative and highly characteristic industrial design. We love good ideas and packaging them into striking designs that balance proportion, function and fluidity. Have you got a good idea? Sell it with great design. Redefine traditions with Gray Design.
Founded by Eduard Gray, Gray Design has quickly become a recognizable brand synonymous with extravagance and daring, with a range of supercar designs, concepts and luxury yachts that have been well received across the globe.
We have diversified into three key divisions covering Yachts, Supercars, and Design Divisions with Information Technology being part of every division.
We are available for design, manufacture and as a systems integrator in any of these three areas, and are willing to take your ideas and apply our style to them to present you with a product that will exceed your expectations in every level.

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Gattacan-Eduard Gray

Saab 92001-Eduard Gray

SC122-yachty-Eduard Gray

Sidewinder-Eduard Gray

Sigma-Eduard Gray

Thorium -electric bike-Eduard Gray

Vapour GT-Eduard Gray


The Sidewinder by Gray Design