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25 Funny & Candid Photos of Bill Nye

25 Funny & Candid Photos of Bill Nye

Born on the 27th of November, Bill (or William) Nye is an American Scientist, actor and Television host. He began his career at Boeing as a mechanical engineer. His mother, Jaqueline, worked as a – during the second World War. His father, Edwin Darby Nye became a Sundial enthusiast. He was also a World War II Veteran.

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Making science something fun to learn about and providing educational television that started in 1993, world-recognized Bill Nye successfully aired 100 of his episodes to kids and adults. Humorous and passionate about Science, Bill Nye the Science Guy was aired on PBS Kids and used frequently in schools for educational videos. And according to the Petersburg Times, he applied to be a NASA Astronaut every few years but, unfortunately, was never accepted.

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Before his show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill’s television career actually started with a local sketch comedy known as “Almost Live!” in Seattle, Washington. Eventually, he was recommended to perform some scientific demonstrations, finally taking on the name “The Science Guy.” He’s also written several books.

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Science has been a part of Bill’s life ever since he can remember and he continued to pull that through his entertainment career. He appeared as a Science teacher in the 1998 movie The Principle Takes a Holiday Disney movie. He was a scientist in BattleBots. And almost 10 years ago, he hosted 100 Greatest Discovers series. He’s also appeared several times in the popular crime drama “Numb3rs”.

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And let’s not forget the countless Honors and Awards that Bill has received. Emmy Awards for his show, a well as International Film Awards as well. He’s well-recognized and for very good reason as you’ve read so far.

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Bill Nye is a television icon to those who have watched him. And the funny and upbeat scientist we know and love still has the same attitude he had as a kid growing up, continuing to ride his bike to work and is ecstatic to show pictures of the Periodic Table.

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Today, Bill Nye is CEO of The Planetary Society. So far, he has participated in Dancing with the Stars, the White house Science Fair and was even invited to present the first edition of the White House Film Festival where he undoubtedly met President Obama. Bill even posted recently on the Planetary Society’s website that jobs will soon be open, where they’re hiring a number of new employees. Head on over to their website even, and see what the qualifications are. You might find that you’re able to apply.

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Bill Nye’s talent and fun personality will always be known to us; the ones who watched him when we were little. He continues to be a Scientific icon and will remain an incredible success.

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