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23 Pictures of Artwork by Visual Artist YOK Yok

YOK Yok is an Australian-born artist mostly known for his graffiti street art. Here is a short bio from his website:

“If the artwork produced by The Yok ever came to life, it would be a fantastic army of eccentric, mustached, bike riding Gargoyle-esque creatures who may or may not have connections with Australian bushrangers.

The character-based works of this Australian-born artist have been spotted on the streets of countries near and far as he’s been making his way around the world.

For some years now, the droopy eyes and twisted mustaches of Yok’s black-lined characters have been staring aimlessly from Australian alleyways, zines and gallery walls.

A yearning to see and do more elsewhere saw him spend time and exhibit in places like Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and London.”

View more of YOK Yok’s artwork at his official website:

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-001

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0005

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-011

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-016

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0019

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-019

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0026

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-027

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-036

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0040

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0060

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0071

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0088

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0161

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-0174

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-1002

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-1006

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-1012

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-1018

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-1020

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-2006

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-2010

YOK Yok-artist-graffiti-2013