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22 Photos of Fascinating Abandoned Locations Worldwide

abandoned-Abandoned fishing village Hong KongAn abandoned fishing village in Hong Kong

abandoned places amusement park berlinAbandoned amusement park in Berlin
abandoned-Babcock Building South CarolinaThe Abandoned Babcock Building in South Carolina
abandoned-bahamas-planeAn abandoned plane in the ocean near the Bahamas
abandoned-Buenos AiresAn abandoned building in Buenos Aires

abandoned-Cartridge FactoryAn abandoned cartridge factory at an unknown location
abandoned-Castle - Beaverkill NYThe abandoned Castle Beaverkill in New York
abandoned-Chimney Rock ColoradoAn abandoned building in Chimney Rock, Colorado
abandoned-Church - Messina ItalyAbandoned church in Messina Italy
abandoned-Cottage NorwayAn Abandoned cottage in Norway
abandoned-Denbigh Mental Asylum WalesThe abandoned Denbigh Mental Asylum in Wales
abandoned-Distalfink GettysburgAbandoned Distalfink in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
abandoned-Dunluce Castle IrelandThe abandoned Dunluce Castle in Ireland
abandoned-Former comedy club BristolAn abandoned comedy club in Bristol
abandoned-Fort Worth Texas tamaleAn abandoned tamale shop in Forth Worth, Texas
abandoned-Hotel Belvedere DubrovnikThe abandoned Hotel Belvedere in Dobrovnik
abandoned-La Rainbow HotelThe abandoned La Rainbow Hotel
abandoned-lighthouse-upper-peninsula-1An abandoned lighthouse in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
abandoned-Marroquín Castle ColombiaThe abandoned Marroquín Castle in Columbia
abandoned-mine-siberiaAn abandoned mine in Siberia
abandoned-St. Johns Episcopal Church Harpers FerryThe abandoned St. John’s Episcopal Church in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia
abandoned-Subway Station nyAn abandoned subway station in New York