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20 Pictures of Artwork by Artist Jun Cen

Jun Cen is an award winning Chinese illustrator and animator who is currently based in New York. He received his MFA degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013. He is the Overall New Talent winner of AOI Illustration Awards(UK) 2013. His work has been selected into Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, 3×3 Student Show, International Motion Art Awards, Indie Memphis Film Festival etc. – Read more

Here are 20 examples of artwork by Jun Chen. See more of his artwork from his official website:

Jun Cen-artist-001

Jun Cen-artist-006

Jun Cen-artist-007

Jun Cen-artist-022

Jun Cen-artist-023

Jun Cen-artist-024

Jun Cen-artist-030

Jun Cen-artist-034

Jun Cen-artist-036

Jun Cen-artist-045

Jun Cen-artist-051

Jun Cen-artist-057

Jun Cen-artist-062

Jun Cen-artist-064

Jun Cen-artist-081

Jun Cen-artist-089

Jun Cen-artist-094

Jun Cen-artist-104

Jun Cen-artist-117

Jun Cen-artist-169