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18 Pictures of Artwork by Illustrator Lola Dupré

Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently based in Limerick, Ireland. Working exclusively with paper and scissors her work references both the Dada aesthetic of the early 20th Century and the digital precision of the present day. Since 2000 Lola has lived and worked in Scotland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain and now Ireland. Lola is currently working on upcoming exhibition and editorial projects. – via

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-007

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-010

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-015

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-045

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-050

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-067

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-090

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-091

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-098

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-151

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-154

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-158

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-162

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-164

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-169

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-177

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-178

Lola Dupre-illustrator-artist-195