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18 Photos of the Standout Ibis Ripley Mountain Bike

The Ibis Ripley bicycle is certainly one of the more celebrated in the field. A true trail bike that is ruggedly built, yet still nimble and highly responsive, this is a lightweight bike designed to take on the toughest terrain.
The Ibis Ripley 29 XT is one of the latest representatives to the famed line of mountain bikes. A true bike for the trail, this particular version still contains many of the great attributes that have made Ripley bikes and the Ibis company famous.

ibis ripley bike wooden bridge

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ocean ibis ripley bike

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ibis ripley bike maintenance

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wheat fields ibis ripley bike

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ibis ripley bike bike rack gm

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The History of Ibis
Ibis has established a strong reputation in the bicycle world over the years right from the beginning when it was founded in 1981. Scot Nicol had read an article about the “Klunker Bike” trend and decided to create his own bike so he could enjoy the experience. So impressive was the final product that the people who saw his first creation asked if he could produce more. Over 30 years later Ibis is now producing some of the finest mountain bikes that can be purchased.

injured ibis ripley bike lying ground

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ibis ripley bike trail

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ibis ripley bike desert

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ibis ripley bike posing rock

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muddy ibis ripley bike

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wood forest ibis ripley bike

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ibis ripley bike great west lake

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The Attributes of the Ripley 29 XT
Continuing the proud tradition of Ibis bicycles, the Ripley 29 XT offers plenty of features that make this one of the best mountain bikes on the market. Arguably the most noted feature is the low approach angle the bike has which allows for greater handling even along the toughest trails. The 70 degree head angle allows the rider to go down the mountain with plenty of security so that you are in control.
It certainly helps that there is a 120mm travel fork that adds to the control and stability as you navigate down steep trails. Plus, you can generate plenty of power while charging up inclines as well. For many, this is arguably the best part about riding the bike along trails is that it is built to take the punishment while still being nimble enough to maneuver around rocks and other obstacles.
Another great attribute is the 29” wheels that add even more stability and power while not being too big to be a bother. Having bigger wheels offers a tremendous advantage when it comes to going up and down trails or just riding along level ground.

ibis ripley bike shocks

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workshop tools ibis ripley bike

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ibis ripley bike log fence

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Carbon Fiber Frame
Carbon fiber has come a long way over the past decade thanks to being stronger than steel and more impact resistant, yet weighing only a fraction of the amount. When paired with the Fox RP23 CTD rear shock, the entire bike weighs a remarkable 5.2 pounds. So, you get a lightweight bike that is more durable than steel and will absorb all the shocks along the trail as well. The carbon fiber frame is also augmented by the duel eccentric DW-Link Suspension that manages to ride along any trail with easy while maintaining the efficiency of the pedal system.
There is little doubt that the Ibis Ripley 29 XT bicycle represents yet another triumph for the company as it continues to produce one high quality bike after another. For those who are looking at getting a mountain bike perfectly suited for extreme conditions, the Ibis Ripley is the choice.

ibis ripley bike offroad

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overlooking lake ibis ripley bike

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ibis ripley bike rainbow bridge

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