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17 Pictures of Artwork by Indonesian Artist Veri Apriyatno

Here are 17 pictures of artwork and a short bio from Veri Apriyatno’s official website:

Veri Apriyatno is an artist from Jakarta, Indonesia. Born on April 12, 1973. get a bachelor’s degree in 1998 at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Department of Fine Art, Painting studio. Since 2003 until now has many solo and group exhibitions. Until now Veri has publish six books about drawing work (how to Draw). Veri recorded as one of contemporary Indonesian artists.

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Veri Apriyatno-006

Veri Apriyatno-008

Veri Apriyatno-009

Veri Apriyatno-010

Veri Apriyatno-012

Veri Apriyatno-014

Veri Apriyatno-015

Veri Apriyatno-016

Veri Apriyatno-019

Veri Apriyatno-020

Veri Apriyatno-022

Veri Apriyatno-024

Veri Apriyatno-025

Veri Apriyatno-027

Veri Apriyatno-028

Veri Apriyatno-030

Veri Apriyatno-031