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17 Pictures of Artwork by Illustrator James Bennett

James Bennett began studying art at Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania. His professional career as an illustrator started soon after receiving recognition from the Society of Illustrators and RSVP as a scholarship student at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
Bennett’s conceptually humorous illustrations have since appeared as covers and interior pieces for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Business Week, TIME, MAD, The L.A. Times, Golf Digest, Maxim, and Readers Digest among others.He has produced art for RCA Records, American Express, Paramount Pictures, Citibank, Hasbro, and Milton Bradley.” – Read more

Here are 17 example of artwork by James Bennett. See more of his work at his official website:

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-011

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-022

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-027

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-028

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-034

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-037

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-049

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-051

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-055

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-058

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-059

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-068

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-071

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-076

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-110

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-116

James Bennett-illustrator-artist-120