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17 Photos of Nymphomaniac Actress Stacy Martin

17 Photos of Nymphomaniac Actress Stacy Martin

Stacy Martin, whom stars in the new, two part Lars Von Trier film, Nymphomaniac, has not had a great deal of experience in the field of acting, but already she is garnering both a fan base and critical acclaim for her break-out performance.

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Stacy Martin was born in Paris, France in 1991 on January 1st. She is primarily known for her work on both Nymphomaniac Part One and Nymphomaniac Part Two, but she has also starred in one other feature length film called Winter, by director and writer Heidi Greeensmith, which is the story of an successful artist named Woods, struggling desperately after the death of his dearly beloved wife and the effect that his grief has on his life and those around him.

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Martin, who is half English, half French, was a student of Media and Cultural studies at the London College of Communication before being accepted into the role. She often modeled to offset her costs of living in London. However, she was often considered too small and short for the runway.

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Even though she was at school and working as a model her real passion remained for that of cinema and she longed to be a professional actress. She even began taking classes where she vigorously studied the Miesner acting techniques. The Miesner Technique is an acting method that was develop by the American theater practitioner, Sanford Miesner. Miesner training is a series of different acting scenes, typically independent of each other that focus on promoting versatility in improvisation as the first step. After the student has been able to efficiently master the reactionary art of improvisation they are then asked to develop a, “Inner life,” for each character they are attempting to portray that helps promote believable emotional reactions.

This could be one of the reasons why Martin is getting so much positive critical reception for her first two and only theatrical roles thus far.

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It was, however, perhaps serendipitous that she was cast for her first feature length film by Von Trier as she was a longtime fan of his. She said, in an interview about Nymphomaniac, that she and her boyfriend had just watched Lars Von Trier’s 1990 miniseries The Kingdom; she replied that they were both hooked. She had also been a longtime fan of Von Triers features, especially Dogtown, Melancholia and Antichrist (which also featured Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem J. Dafoe and garner a great deal of criticism for its explicit sex scenes and extremely graphic violence).

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She is currently working on a film by Terrence Malik called, The Clown and has previously completed one film as yet in post-production, a British film called Barking at Trees. She has been adamant in media interviews that she has no intention of leaving acting anytime soon and the reception she has received shows, coupled with very intense, personable and emotional acting scenes would indicate she has great potential as a star.

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