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17 Photos of the Beautiful Island of Santorini

We all need a little change of environment once in a while and if the change can come packaged with a bit of adventure and fun, then why not? The first thing is deciding much earlier on where it is you intend to go, let us take an example of Santorini Greece. This is a guaranteed memorable time. It is an Island on the southeast of Greece’s mainland in the southern Aegean Sea. Santorini is considered one of the most beautiful Islands in the world, so if you are planning a vacation there, then you are sure not to go wrong.

green santorini Thera greece

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art photograph santorini Thera greece

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santorini Thera greece holy

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This Island has so many things and so many places you could choose to visit. A good example is the rim of the caldera. The island itself is astonishing and would be even more if you had a special someone with you to close a day of wonder with a romantic dinner at the rim of the caldera. You cannot leave Greece without experiencing this; the cooling breeze from the sea, witness how beautiful the sunsets on the dark sand and the reflection of the horizon from a far is a spectacular view. The Santorini Island has several fascinating restaurants you can visit like some of the most talked about – the Grace Santorini. It lies in the northwest of the Island right above the caldera. Grace Santorini offers the ultimate luxury and a breathtaking sunset view.

santorini Thera greece utopia

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santorini Thera greece white residence

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santorini Thera greece ocean view

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This Greece Island is no news to the ears; its breathtaking candy like white Cycladic houses and beautiful mild Mediterranean climate that you will not get enough of. The arrays of house are a remarkable sight, arranged like icy cornices with different colors. In the evening when the sun is setting, the sunset rays fall affectionately on the buildings and the glow that results from this is truly a sight to behold. Santorini is unique from every sense of the word; it has dark colored sand beaches owing to its volcanic history. But the multicolored beaches are just but the tip of the iceberg. It is a haven for those who want a peaceful but intriguing vacation.

fantastic santorini Thera greece

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mountainous santorini Thera greece

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baby blue sky santorini Thera greece

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blue roof santorini Thera greece

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sunlight santorini Thera greece

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perfect santorini Thera greece

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santorini Thera greece island

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beautiful santorini Thera greece

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You cannot be counted as having gone to the Island of Santorini if you have not tried the yellow donkey. Santorini is famed for being a prominent brewer. This yellow donkey of the Santorini Island has sparked a lot of interest in beer enthusiasts around the world. It comes as Yellow, Red, and Crazy and is now the most sought after drinks in the whole of Greece.

santorini Thera greece sunrise

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santorini Thera greece sunset

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santorini Thera greece dusk

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