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17 Photos of Artwork by Animation Artist Enrique Fernandez

Enrique Fernandez is a comic book / animation artist. He has worked on animation for the films “El Cid” and “Nocturna” (both from Filmax Animation) as storyboard artist. He has also published many books on the french comic (BD) market, including “The Wizard of OZ” , “Ile sans sourire“, “Aurore” and “Tales from the Cobra age“. Enrique is now working on a self-published book called “Brigada“.

See more of Enrique Fernandez’s art at his official website:

Enrique Fernandez-artist-001

Enrique Fernandez-artist-014

Enrique Fernandez-artist-017

Enrique Fernandez-artist-019

Enrique Fernandez-artist-022

Enrique Fernandez-artist-047

Enrique Fernandez-artist-048

Enrique Fernandez-artist-051

Enrique Fernandez-artist-067

Enrique Fernandez-artist-077

Enrique Fernandez-artist-078

Enrique Fernandez-artist-087

Enrique Fernandez-artist-104

Enrique Fernandez-artist-108

Enrique Fernandez-artist-114

Enrique Fernandez-artist-120

Enrique Fernandez-artist-211