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16 Pictures of Artwork by Illustrative Designer Steve Simpson

“Freelance award winning illustrative designer

For 30 years Steve Simpson has been applying his multi-disciplinary skills to creative projects for a diverse range of clients right across the globe. Steve’s innovative, award winning approach to graphic design, typography and illustration is built on fresh thinking, traditional skills and dose of fun. Steve lives on the east coast of Ireland where a good sense of humour is essential.” – via

Here are 16 examples of artwork by Steve Simpson. You can view more work at his official website:

Steve Simpson-illustrator-American Gothic High-006

Steve Simpson-illustrator-American Gothic High-008

Steve Simpson-illustrator-American Gothic High-011

Steve Simpson-illustrator-American Gothic High-077

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Freeman Family-007

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Freeman Family-010

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Freeman Family-013

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Freeman Family-015

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Freeman Family-081

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Freeman Family-084

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Freeman Family-088

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Jon Burgerman-006

Steve Simpson-illustrator-Jon Burgerman-072

Steve Simpson-illustrator-TUZO - Mexican Kitchen-007

Steve Simpson-illustrator-TUZO - Mexican Kitchen-008

Steve Simpson-illustrator-TUZO - Mexican Kitchen-080