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It has been some time since any updates have emerged from Tesla regarding the Model S. However, that silence has been well and truly shattered by the news that the Tesla Model S will now come with the option to add all wheel drive.



This announcement is not particularly surprising, considering that the forthcoming Tesla Model X – Tesla’s new electric Sports Utility Vehicle – will come with all wheel drive as standard, as well as sharing some of its drive train with its Sedan counterpart. The Tesla Model X is due to appear in car showrooms sometime during 2015, therefore, we can assume that the option of buying a Model S with all wheel drive will be available later in 2015 or the early part of 2016.



How AWD will affect the Performance of the Model S?
One of the main benefits of having the option of fitting all wheel drive to the Model S electric vehicle is that there will be much more traction in bad weather conditions. Also, it will help to enhance the performance of the already speedy sedan, with a likely improvement on the impressive 0-60 MPH in 4.2 seconds, with the addition of all wheel drive likely to push that figure below the 4 second mark.


Other forthcoming features as well as the advent of AWD (All While Drive), Tesla has also announced plans to install batteries with a much higher capacity than existing batteries. In addition to which, their new “Giga Factory” is expected to help reduce battery construction costs by as much as 40%, which will likely make Tesla vehicles much more affordable, putting the Model S in the price range that will reach a much wider audience.


More about the Model S
The Tesla Model S is among the most popular electric vehicles available at the moment, thanks in no small part to the fact that it can go up to 300 miles in between charges, as well as reaching 60 MPH in under 4.5 seconds. In addition to which, the vehicle also comes with 2 extra seats in the rear hatch, giving it the same kind of capacity as an SUV.



Also, new for 2014 is the Performance Plus Model, which incorporates better dampers, stabilizer bars and wider rear tires from the Michelin Pilot Sport range. All of which enhance the handling of the Model S without compromising on ride quality and speed.







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