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15 Photos & Videos by Italian Graphic Designer Christian Acquaro

A short bio from Christian Acquaro‘s personal website:

“Abstripes” is a collection of works by Cristian Acquaro, a senior graphic designer located in Milan. Over 6 years of multinational experience in broadcasting and media. I am constantly looking to explore different sources of art, design and music as well as experimenting a wide variety of new things, aiming to gain more experience. – via

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-Hip Hop Awards-025

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-Hip Hop Awards-031

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-Hip Hop Awards-036

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-Gatorade-024

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-Gatorade-026

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-Gatorade-030

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-mtv-023

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-mtv-024

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-mtv-025

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-S1-033

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-S1-034

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-S1-039

Christian Acquaro-Christripes-artist-S1-046