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15 Photos of GoPro Magic and the New Hero 3+

GoPro HERO 3+

There is little doubt that GoPro has changed the way many people think about video cameras. The GoPro is a very small, compact device designed to produce excellent HD quality video and can be strapped on practically anything from the wings of airplanes, the front of race cars and often on top of helmets to deliver stunning video. There is little doubt that the GoPro has created a revolution in how people shoot video.




The Hero3+ is a continuation of the GoPro series, providing even more features than ever before. The combination of new technology and features are all delivered in a unit that is actually a little smaller and lighter than previous versions.




What is the GoPro Hero3+?
The GoPro is essentially a miniature video camera with HD broadcast quality. The very small design and digital capture system offers a unique way to videotape events from positions that were practically unknown before.
The Hero3+ is the latest installment of the GoPro series and offers the following specifications;
3.9” x 3.9” x 9.7”
1.4 lbs
1 Lithium Ion Battery
High resolution 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 & 720p120 video modes
Broadcast Quality Footage & Slow Motion Playback
4Kp15 & 2.7Kp30 offer cinema quality video capture
Better Audio Quality




There is also the GoPro App that lets you control the camera remotely, play back what it has shot and actually preview the content as well all from your mobile device. This makes it easy to share your video or photos through text, Instagram, social media, email and more.




The Improvements of the GoPro Hero3+
As compared to its predecessors, the Hero3+ does offer some considerable improvements thanks to new technology and refined methods that accentuate the camera’s unique attributes.
20% Smaller
33% Improve Sharpness of Image, Less Distortion
Faster Wi-Fi Connectivity to Wi-Fi Remote
Wider Angle Capture thanks to Super View video mode
Auto Low Light Adjustment
30% Increase in Battery Life
Overall, these improvements make for a smaller, lighter, yet more potent video camera that offers essentially more of the essential attributes that have made the GoPro so distinctive and versatile. The Super View mode in particular captures a wider angle than was ever possible before. In addition, the Auto Low Light Adjustment offers better adjustments which means less graininess and better picture resolution.




The 4x faster Wi-Fi makes uploading a breeze and the 30% longer battery life means you can get even more out of the GoPro than ever. The Hero3+ is compatible with all GoPro mounts, accessories and stands despite the somewhat smaller size which means that you don’t have to buy all new mounts when upgrading to this camera.
Overall, the GoPro Hero3+ is arguably the best type of upgrade, one that emphasizes all the advantages of the GoPro and augments them even further without sacrificing what is best about the camera. Offering better video sharpness and resolution in a lighter, smaller package means that people can get even more out of their GoPro Hero3+ than ever before.


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