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15 Photos of Artwork by Realistic Painter Adele Renault

Adele Renault (1988) is a painter, who does realistic portraits of overlooked subject matter, working in scale from intimate canvasses to wall-sized murals.

Renault grew up on a musical family on a farm in the Belgian Ardennes. At age 14 she traveled abroad alone; lived in Venezuela on an exchange, then two years in Brighton, England. She studied and practiced visual arts, from classical oil painting to modern-day spray can graffiti. In 2010 she graduated from the Academie Royale des Beaux Arts in Brussels with a degree in Graphic Design. Via –

Adele Renault-artist-203

Adele Renault-artist-204

Adele Renault-artist-207

Adele Renault-artist-208

Adele Renault-artist-209

Adele Renault-artist-211

Adele Renault-artist-215

Adele Renault-artist-217

Adele Renault-artist-219

Adele Renault-artist-221

Adele Renault-artist-229

Adele Renault-artist-251

Adele Renault-artist-255

Adele Renault-artist-279

Adele Renault-artist-433