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15 Beautiful Landscape Photos By Photographer Dave Morrow

A short bio about landscape photographer Dave Morrow from his website:

In a few words I’d consider myself a landscape photographer, workshop instructor & word slinger with a passion for travel, the truth, and all things strange.

Other than that I’m your average 29 year old, traveling, photographing, freak show. I really started getting into photography in January 2012, and have been addicted ever since… on the side I work at Boeing as an aerospace engineer building 777 Model jumbo jets. Here are my favorite pictures from 2012 & 2013.

You can follow along with my adventures, at least through pictures, by visiting my On the Road & Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery.

One of the other things that really brings me happiness is teaching others the art of photography. I teach courses on location as well as online, including shooting and post processing. If your interested you can find more at the Online Star Photography Post Processing ( Editing ) Group Workshops Page or Star Photography Summer Workshop Page. See more of his work

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