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14 Pictures of Artwork by Illustrator Maus Bullhorst

Here is a short bio and artwork from Maus Bullhorst‘s official website. See more here:

Maus Bullhorst creates editorial illustrations for Dutch media such as Trouw, De Correspondent and Vers Beton. To him, an illustration is not a literal translation from text to image, but it creates a deeper level.

He lures the viewer with bright colors, clear lines and compositions in which the framework itself is communicative as well. But it starts just here: patience pays off. In an exclamation mark, a question mark may be hidden – Maus provokes thought.

He explores the abstraction of the figurative: how far can he diverge from natural forms and still maintain a human figure instead of a batch of blocks? Because of his work, it may happen that next time we pass a crane, we see an arm with a gripping claw instead.

Maus already has a recognizable signature, but he is still eager to learn. He likes to look at the work of great masters such as Magritte, Gerd Arntz and Joost Swarte. He studies in Rotterdam, and in his own words: ‘Rather forever’.

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