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14 Pictures of Artwork by Chilean Illustrator Oscar Ramos

Oscar Ramos is a Freelance Illustrator and Author from Santiago, Chile. Here are 14 examples of his wacky and colorful illustrations.

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-004

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-008

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-010

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-021

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-1005

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-1011

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-2005

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-2009

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-2019

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-3004

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-4007

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-4010

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-4011

Oscar Ramos-illustrator-4012