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14 Pictures of Artwork by Ben RC of Milkpresso

Ben RC is a 3D Artist for a Character Art Studio, created in 2013 called MilkPresso. Here are 14 examples of their work.

View more work by MilkPresso at their official website:

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-0001

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-001

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-002

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-003

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-0004

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-004

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-0005

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-005

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-006

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-007

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-008

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-009

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-1001

ben rc-Milkpresso-artist-1003