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14 Photos of Artwork by Realist Painter Chris Stott

Christopher Stott (b.1976) is a realist painter. You can call him Chris.

After receiving a BFA with High Honors and Distinguished Exhibition from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada in 2003, he worked in the fine art department of the university he graduated from. In 2007, Stott began to focus full-time on a prolific and devoted studio painting career.

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Chris Stott-painter-01

Chris Stott-painter-02

Chris Stott-painter-03

Chris Stott-painter-04

Chris Stott-painter-05

Chris Stott-painter-06

Chris Stott-painter-07

Chris Stott-painter-08

Chris Stott-painter-09

Chris Stott-painter-052

Chris Stott-painter-054

Chris Stott-painter-056

Chris Stott-painter-096

Chris Stott-painter-102