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14 Photos of Artwork by Illustrator/Fine Artist Gary Kelley

Gary Kelley is a well established artist with a degree in art from the University of Northern Iowa. He has received several awards for his art from National Booksellers Association, New York Art Directors Show, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators and many others. Some of his clients include: Rolling Stone, Playboy, Time, Newsweek and many other popular publishers. Here are some examples of his recent work.

gary kelley artist-002

gary kelley artist-004

gary kelley artist-005

gary kelley artist-0007

gary kelley artist-009

gary kelley artist-0018

gary kelley artist-0020

gary kelley artist-0021

gary kelley artist-0026

gary kelley artist-0033

gary kelley artist-0042

gary kelley artist-0046

gary kelley artist-0047

gary kelley artist-0063