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13 Pictures of Artwork by Character Designer Dor Shamir

Dor Shamir is a Character Design and Animator from Paris, France. Here are 13 examples of Dor’s artwork. You can see more here:

Dor Shamir-character-designer-001

Dor Shamir-character-designer-004

Dor Shamir-character-designer-006

Dor Shamir-character-designer-026

Dor Shamir-character-designer-028

Dor Shamir-character-designer-029

Dor Shamir-character-designer-031

Dor Shamir-character-designer-032

Dor Shamir-character-designer-033

Dor Shamir-character-designer-034

Dor Shamir-character-designer-035

Dor Shamir-character-designer-036

Dor Shamir-character-designer-038