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13 Pictures of Character Artwork by Illustrator Sakiroo Choi

Sakiroo is a South Korean illustrator and character designer, born Sang-Hyun Choi in Bucheon, South Korea. The subjects for his work are varied and include caricatures of sports figures. He has been involved in exhibits and projects, including those in South Korea, France, England, United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore, United States, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. He lives and works in Bucheon, just outside Seoul. – Wikipedia

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Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0001

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-004

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0006

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-006

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0010

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0012

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0016

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0018

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0020

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0022

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-0025

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-1002

Sakiroo Choi-character-artist-1008