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13 Pictures of Artwork by Illustrator Nigel Buchanan

Nigel Buchanan is an Illustrator of digital art from Sydney, Australia. Some of his clients include: Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, MTV, The New York Times and TIME magazine.

Here are 13 examples of his artwork. You can view more of Nigel Buchanan’s artwork at his official website:

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-0001

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-001

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-0002

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-002

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-0003

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-003

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-004

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-0005

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-005

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-015

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-1001

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-2002

Nigel Buchanan-illustrator-artist-2003