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13 Pictures of Artwork by Graphic Artist Wojciech Ostrycharz

Here is a short bio about Wojciech Ostrycharz from his website:

“Born in 1981 in Poland. Graphic artist, filmmaker, animator with over 10 years of experience in concept design and creation. His first independent short Paper World was recognized by many international film & animation festivals.”

Below are a few examples of his artwork. You can view more of Wojciech Ostrycharz’s artwork here:

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-0001

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-0002

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-005

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-006

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-0007

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-007

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-008

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-1006

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-1013

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-1041

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-1043

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-006565463

Wojciech Ostrycharz-art-10436456