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12 Photos of Artwork by Spanish Ilustrator-Animator Jon Juarez

A short description about Jon Juarez from his personal website:

I wasn’t raised by wolfs… but it would have been nice. The pens and pencils brought me back to the civilization, it crashed to me. And by vengeance, I give it words, scrawls and disorder. Now, I will write and draw until graphite and ink give me back my wildness. – via

Jon Juarez-Angel Stanich-002

Jon Juarez-Angel Stanich-003

Jon Juarez-Angel Stanich-004

Jon Juarez-Angel Stanich-005

Jon Juarez-Angel Stanich-006

Jon Juarez-Angel Stanich-011

Jon Juarez-artist-005

Jon Juarez-artist-068

Jon Juarez-artist-069

Jon Juarez-artist-079

Jon Juarez-Ed Bunker-001

Jon Juarez-Ed Bunker-004