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11 Pictures of Artwork by Illustrator Chris Beatrice

Here is a short bio about artist Chris Beatrice from his official website:

Chris’ work has graced the covers of classic books such as Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Daniel DeFoe’s Robinson Crusoe, and Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant, in addition to games, packaging, magazines, posters, private commissions and several other books.

See more of Chris Beatrice’s work here:

Chris Beatrice-artist-001

Chris Beatrice-artist-1-001

Chris Beatrice-artist-1-002

Chris Beatrice-artist-1-003

Chris Beatrice-artist-1-004

Chris Beatrice-artist-1-006

Chris Beatrice-artist-1-007

Chris Beatrice-artist-002

Chris Beatrice-artist-003

Chris Beatrice-artist-010

Chris Beatrice-artist-012