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11 Photos of the Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo

GTI Roadster: The Animal on Fuel

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GTI Roadster Vision model

The GTI Roadster that was originally inspired by Sony’s Gran Turismo 6 game is simply not a machine. It is a mean animal on fuel. This is not your average car that you see in traffic stifled with other clichéd city cars; in fact you might never see it in traffic as it is only a one-off concept that Volkswagen made for the 15th anniversary of the Sony racing game. Deep inside the GTI roadster is a supercar that is dying to cruise at speeds of up to 190mph with no apologies.

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super red GTI Roadster Vision

Chic Design of the GTI Roadster

The two-seat convertible super sport car is a masterpiece. The GTI Roadster is the kind that flawlessly promises a direct driving experience. The exterior design of the supercar is unique to itself with an extremely swept-back windscreen that swiftly cuts the wind like a bolt from the blue allowing it to reach 62mph in just 3.6 seconds. Put another way, the GTI Roadster has an extreme acceleration potential both in reality and in the Sony’s Gran Turismo 6 game.

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interior specs GTI Roadster Vision

With 20-inch shiny alloy wheels, and powered by a 3.0-litre V6 bi-turbo engine; the GTI Roadster looks grand, thrusts at shattering speeds and yet with that rugged edge that men love in their cars. Its exterior body was designed and fully optimized with aerodynamics in mind. To easily control the power of its extreme engine, the large spoiler at the rear end was placed to create a strong down-force of the engine power to the road through its all-wheel drive system.

Also visually prominent in the GTI Roadster is the outlying C pillars transitioned into the roof of its body to create a chic background. Besides forming a roll-over kind of protection bar at the background; the C pillars were deliberately fated to refine the design elements of the side profile of the GTI Roadster supercar. These C pillars stunningly complement the lengthened design look of the rear spoiler – which appears as a hovering wing.

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GTI Roadster Vision solar

fantastic GTI Roadster Vision

Though the rear spoiler was integrated into the design of the roadster with an intention to improve its stability, it visually brands the roadster as fast even when standing still. The aggressive high-gloss red color does not disappoint either. It makes a provocative statement that gleams with inspiration.

Designers of the GTI Roadster aptly named the high-gloss “Tornado Red” monochrome color “Gran Turismo Red” after the Sony’s Gran Turismo 6 game. And the high-quality three-layer paint was a hit. Now the GTI Roadster is the same view that God enjoys and concludes that despite all of man’s destruction, there is still some beauty left for him to gaze at on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

superior GTI Roadster Vision

rear view modeling GTI Roadster Vision