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11 Photos of the Vivid Foresta Lumina

Experience Enchantment at Foresta Lumina

Moment Factory’s Foresta Lumina provides a multi-sensory, illuminated experience setup amidst the forest of Quebec’s Coati cook Parc de La Gorge. This new media studio was inspired by the cultural heritage in the region combined with forest folklore, and has developed seven different stations for multimedia which can guide you throughout its 2km path, creating an array of different mythical creatures which eventually comes to life at night.

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Dreaming Wide Awake at Foresta Lumina

The Coati cook Park La Gorge is known as home to amazing creatures for a very long time. By visiting Foresta Lumina, you can take a peek at their existence. Upon entering the enchanted doorway down the suspended bridge, the experience starts. The Garden of Wishes is a place where you can make a wish and see the seven mythical creatures living in the park. This 2 km long nighttime adventure can last from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the amount of amazement you want to experience.

This show lightens up the imagination for guests like no others adventure can give. Even skeptical people are often amazed by the realistic light displays, sounds and breathtaking videos. Since you will enter a world of magic, you may choose to stay overnight in a cozy accommodation in the area. In this way, you can still go on with your dreaming of an enchanting journey.

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Foresta Lumina Daytime Adventure

Parc de La Gorge de Coati cook is not just a nighttime adventure experience. It is also 615 acres worth of fun. You can take one of its hiking trails, leading to a waterfall, cave, and many other stunning views. One of the most spectacular, if not the most spectacular, is the view from the suspended bridge. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, something different and interesting, you may also go to the horseback riding hub, where you can enjoy about 20 km of exciting bike paths, plus the pool. If you are looking into a more calm and relaxing experience, you may also go take some time to visit the small farm in the area, where you can see a floral garden. At the same time, if you want to do some camping, there are also campgrounds within the forest.

If you are undecided which adventure to take at the Parc de La Gorge de Coati cook, whether you want to immerse in a nighttime magical experience, or a daytime adventure, why not experience the best of both worlds! The park offers a Hiking Day and Night package, where you can get the chance to spend the whole day enjoying outdoor activities, and be enthralled with the creatures you meet at the Foresta Lumina at night.

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A Real-Life Enchanted Forest | Moment Factory’s Foresta Lumina