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11 Photos of the New Queen Elsa: Georgina Haig

According to the New York Daily News Georgina Haig has been cast as Elsa from ‘Frozen’ on ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Time to let it go: an actress has been cast to play Elsa on “Once Upon a Time.”
Georgina Haig has been tapped to play the “Frozen” ice queen, with “Once Upon a Time” co-creator Adam Horowitz announcing the news Thursday on Twitter when he congratulated her on landing the role. The Australian actress is best known for her role on cult sci-fi drama “Fringe” and currently stars on the legal drama “Reckless.” – Read more

Here are 11 Photos of the New Queen Elsa: Georgina Haigz:

beautiful georgina haig leaked news

head shot frozen georgina haig elsa

puffy cheeks georgina haig

georgina haig queen elsa pointing gun

leather jacket georgina haig

georgina haig examining closely

smiling toronto georgina haig frozen

non naked georgina haig

queen elsa georgina haig

georgina haig laying sofa

georgina haig fringe queen

Once Upon a Time Casts Fringe Alum Georgina Haig as Frozen’s Elsa for Season 4