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11 Photos of the Fascinating Koala

11 Photos of the Fascinating Creature Known as the Koala

Koalas are extremely fascinating animals that are adored by various people throughout the world. There are many interesting facts pertaining to Koalas and how they received their names, how they live their everyday lives, and what they eat to sustain life. Whether you are generally curious or if you are seeking a profession pertaining to Koalas, the below information is not only interesting but it is also unique.

koala chewing leaves dinner

Are Koalas classified as bears?
You would be surprised to know that Koalas are not classified under the term “bear” as they aren’t born ready to live like other types of mammals. In comparison, they are marsupials. When marsupials give birth their young are born extremely immature and the mothers then place them in a pouch to continue with their development. Although people refer to them as “Koala bears” their real names are actually just “Koalas”.

smiling koala eyes closed

Do Koalas sleep because they eat a lot of gum tree leaves?
Gum leaves are one of the most important components of a Koala’s diet and there is a common speculation that they sleep a lot due to the fact that they get “drunk” off of these plants. In contrast, Koalas sleep so much because the food that they ingest is quite toxic, barely nutritious, and extremely full of fibre, thus it uses a lot of energy to digest their food. Sleeping is a great way for all species to conserve their energy.

koala hiding in trees

Where do Koalas live?
Much like humans have their own interpretation of homes, Koalas create their houses out of many different trees that are referred to as home trees. The area that surrounds the home trees is known as the home range and each Koala has their own specific home range. Aside from breeding season, Koalas will not visit each other’s home ranges.

cute brown koala

How many babies can Koalas have?
In comparison to other species, Koalas generally have one baby, known as a joey, on a yearly basis. But this number can change depending on a variety of different factors. There are some communities of Koalas that don’t breed every year, especially if a group is comprised of mostly older females. In comparison, they reproduce every 2 or 3 years.

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Are Koalas impacted by deforestation?
It is important to note that since Koalas do reside within trees, they are extremely impacted by deforestation. With that being said, it is imperative that we try to keep the Koala population at a healthy level by keeping their home trees alive. The Australian Koala Foundation produced figures to show that there are less than 80,000 Koalas left in Australia due to the fact that their habitat is constantly diminishing.

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Koala Meets Cyclist