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10 Photos of Artwork By Portrait Artist Catherine Creaney

Catherine Creaney‘s work is exhibited throughout Ireland and the UK. Her work encompasses both abstraction and portraiture. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Northern Ireland and has had work exhibited at the RUA Annual Exhibition on several occassions. In 2011 she was awarded the Drawing Prize sponsored by the Tom Caldwell Gallery and the Rowel Friers Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Bewley’s Ltd at the The Royal Ulster Academy’s 130th Annual Exhibition. – Via

Catherine Creaney-artist-082

Catherine Creaney-artist-084

Catherine Creaney-artist-088

Catherine Creaney-artist-094

Catherine Creaney-artist-104

Catherine Creaney-artist-122

Catherine Creaney-artist-134

Catherine Creaney-artist-136

Catherine Creaney-artist-140

Catherine Creaney-artist-142