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10 Beautiful Photos of the Wondrous San Giulio Island

The Beautiful And Historic San Giulio Island

San Giulio Island or Isola San Giulio is an island off of the coast of Italy. The island is an amazing place that is filled with history.

The island can be found in Lake Orta in northwestern Italy. The island is extremely small measuring just a little more than nine hundred feet long and a little more than four hundred feet wide, making it less than a square mile in area.

This island is quite beautiful and is located near the beautiful mountainside of Italy. From the island you can see the beautiful Italian lakeshore village of Orta San Giulio. You can also see the beautiful mountains of northern Italy form the island. There are beautiful sites to be seen from the Isola San Giulio.

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majestic San Giulio Island

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In the 600s a chapel was built on the island to commemorate Saint Julius who died on the island. Based on archaeological evidence we know that a bigger church was built on the island in the 700s. These were the first buildings we know were built on Isola San Giulio.

In the year 962 William of Volpiano was born on the island. He was born in his families castle on the island of San Giulio, during an assault on the building by Emperor Otto. The assault was successful and thus he was raised by Emperor Otto. This man would go on to design many great religious buildings. He also helped to reform many of the great Catholic institutions of the time including Saint-Sernin abbey. William of Volpiano is one of many great church members who have spent time of Isola San Giulio.

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majestic San Giulio Island

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During the Middle Ages the bishop of Novara, Filacrio, was buried on the island. At the same time an octagonal building was built in the middle of San Giulio Island. This building was probably a baptistery. As far as we can tell this building was lost to new construction during the 19th century. In the 1300s a new basilica was built on the island and that also altered the previous buildings on the island.

In the 1800s a Seminary was built on the island. The Seminary was quite massive and many of the previous historic buildings on the island were lost. The Seminary ran for many years until the late 20th century.

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In recent years the island has been turned to full time religious use. In 1976 the island was turning into a monastery for the Order of Saint Benedict. This monastery is the largest monastery for enclosed nuns from the Order of Saint Benedict in the world. The monastery is also the seat of the mater Ecclesiae (Mother of the Churche) of the Order of Saint Benedict. This island is a wonderful religious monument.

San Giulio Island is a beautiful island in northwestern Italy. The island is an amazing and beautiful place that is filled with religious history.

aerial view of San Giulio Island